Cozmik Onion Projects presents “the Melting Vegitable Pot” vol.3 with Citar,Djambe,Dance


Cozmik Onion Projects presents
“the Melting Vegitable Pot” vol.3 with Citar,Djambe,Dance

after Shamisen,Butoh„„„ it is going to be Citar!!!
thanks for coming last concerts, hope you have enjoyed them a lot, and nowww, its vol.3!!

this time, Belgian citar player/sound designer Andreas Miranda and Japanese djambe player Kiyoshi Fujikawa from mystical communications er vice and Japanese dancer Junko Iwahashi and Austrian dancer Bilonda Zaïra!!!

Andreas Miranda

Kiyoshi Fujikawa (JP)
He trained drums under a legendary Japanese drummer Motohiko Hino. In 1982, he moved to US to study drums more at Berklee College of Music. At the same time as his magnificent number of performances,he has made music for Soundscapes,TV commercials,Promotions etc. During his stay in Bali between 1999 to 2000, his heart was caught by Djambe. He has been searching for the new possibility of electronic music through the aspect of “SOUND” and “MUSIC”. Through his more than 100 performances and recording per year,he has played in China,Bali,Hawai,London,New York and Japan with 風神雷神(Fuujinn Raijinn), now he lives in Berlin and with his psychedelic rock band “Mystical Communication Service” and Jam band “Dopalfin”, he has been performing at a lot of shows and festivals in everywhere in Europe.

Junko Iwahashi(JP)
Dancer and live expression creator. Collaborated with Dance Company DINYOS(Kyoto(JP),2009-2011)Since 2011, she has moved to Berin and performed through dance projects-Criss-crossed traces(Senegal), documents(13),Somalia Charity Project Dadaab, music video clip in Lena Meyer-Landrut. Teaching as a GYROKINESIS(R) trainer.

Bilonda Bukasa(AT/DE/CG)
Freelance dancer and performer. Lately she worked in 14 Rooms,Basel(CH) for Allora&Calzadilla, worked as a performer for Be van Vark and Sebastian Prantl (Tanzatelier Wien) and she’s teaching Piltes, Yoga and Bodywork in Berlin.

Timor Üzel and Dj ONONiiONIONIION will spin Arab,Anatlian,Asian,African mysterious music and American hard rock and Disco in experimental way till late to make you naked!!

at Del Rex,Ringbahnstr. 29, 12051 Neukölln, Berlin, Germany
door 9:30 concert 10:30
entry 3-6 euro

一川響(津軽三味線)と云わずもがな / Hibiki Ichikawa(Tsugaru Shamisen) & Iwazu Mo Gana


This is a my new Berlin/London based project called “一川響(津軽三味線)と云わずもがな / Hibiki Ichikawa(Tsugaru Shamisen) & Iwazu Mo Gana

Iwazu Mo Gana is Hibiki’s band,made by Taishi for his concert in Berlin Feb 2014.The band consists of Berlin based Japanese Artists to challenge for a new possibility of Japanese music and performance between tradition and modern. Kiyoshi (Mystical Communication service) adds the psychedelic Groove on the shamisen melodies,and Taishi (Cozmik Onion Projects) manipulates the sound of shamisen, djambe and his voice to bring the whole sound into the deeper psychedelic world .On the top of the sound , Furu (Wide Scope Experimental,Shibusashirazu Orchestra) adds the mysterious movement to eyes of the audience to bring them into more deeper world.

Kiyoshi on Djambe (Mystycal Communication Service/DE)

Michiyasu Furutani on Butoh Dance (Shibusashirazu Orchestra/JP,Wide Scope Experimental/DE)

Taishi Nagasaka on Sound Manipulation/Voice (Cozmik Onion Projects,DE,JP)

Hibiki Ichikawa & Iwazu Mo Gana from Cozmik Onion Projects on Vimeo.

a Weekend with DJ ONONiiONIONIION

13th at UNTERTITEL ,lovely Italian Bar Restaurant
Kienitzer Straße 22, 12053 ,Neukoelln Berlin

14th at SOUPANOVA ,amazing cozy bar
Stargarderstrasse 24, 10437 prenzlauer berg,Berlin,

Playing mixed musics from arab,asia,africa,anatlia,sound art,music for children,and american hard rock with sound manipulation such as speed/key change,loop,effect,silence and direct shout

Cozmik Onion Lunch Time Radio Vol.28 Lebanese late 70’s to 80’s part 1

埋め込み画像 1
Hello, listeners.
From today, I will present late 70’s to 80’s Lebanese music
I am sure I wont be able to pronounce the names very well, but I will try.
I have found lots of them so I will separate to 3 radio sessions!!
so lets know about Lebanese’s music together!!



Cozmik Onion lunch Radio show
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I host a radio show as a part of RadioOn (

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context :DJing for lunch time and sometimes invite Musicians,Artists and talk about about Music,Art,Cooking
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Cozmik Onion Express 2.9 Demo

<iframe style=”border: 0; width: 400px; height: 340px;” src=”” seamless><a href=””>2.9 version 2.9 by Cozmik Onion Express 2.9</a></iframe>

Quadrople A (nex mix)

Quadrople A by Dj Ononiionioniion on Mixcloud

radio 20/5/2014 : vol.27 an Arabic electropop artist from the future who has come to destroy the senses and ensnare the souls of those not worthy of his greatness

Hello, listeners. This is something too amazing.

a week ago, my friend Andreas sent me a link from Korea.

Wow, unbelievable!! Just thought “ah„, man this is it, this is what I have wanted to listen to…” Too good!

Mahmoud Awad!! He is the mystery. I really want to find who he is„„ where he is from. The style is very much Dabke which is from Syria,Lebanon,Jordan area. But never seen anybody doing this fucked up way. Even Omar Souleyman sounds very straight if you compare Omar with Mahmoud Awad…….(I dont say omar souleyman is bad, he is a greaaat,too!!)

Last FM says like this

Mahmoud Awad is an Arabic electropop artist from the future who has come to destroy the senses and ensnare the souls of those not worthy of his greatness. He came from planet Zordon where the Islam religion has reigned supreme for over 9000 millenniums. He brought with him the sounds of his native planet, both in nudity and aurality. Perhaps we will someday find out how this artist was able to send his album back in time. This album must be treated with great respect, because it is the first that has been sent back in time to us.

mystery mystery„, let’s listen to the mystery with me and your lunch.

Cozmik Onion lunch Radio show
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I host a radio show as a part of RadioOn (

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context :DJing for lunch time and sometimes invite Musicians,Artists and talk about about Music,Art,Cooking
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  • as Cozmik Onion Express 2.9,DJ ONONiiONIONIION
  • Bei Ruth,Ziegerstr 13
  • 31/5/2014

Blending elements of lounge, surf, latin, jazz, and wine music, Phil and Monica, featuring Leo Zylberberg aka Tormented Chilli Burger’, Mario Campos aka ‘Cripled Pinata’, and Harmony Molina as ‘Fat Robocop’, combines face-melting ukelele kitchen rock chopped and sauteed with heart-wrenching horns and mozzarella melting over thoughtful lyrics. A sonic adventure to a far away South Pacific island.

Cozmik Onion Express 2.9 is a noisy exotic project after Cozmik Onion Express 2.7 by Taishi Nagasaka (Drum Trigger,Voice,Cassette/Cozmik Onion Project) with Nicola Lopes (Drums/Damon Shaker),Danilo Iantomasi (Bass/Kid Elephant),and Andreas Miranda (Citar).Its a mixture of experimental,noise,exotic music. This time, they will play without Andreas as he is in love with Korea at the moment. The name could be changed in the future.

Liquorice is lo-fi pop punk garage girls Band! they was born in Berlin.
Susanna and Futaba!

After the shows DJ sets of // //


DJ ONONiiONIONIION is a part of Cozmik Onion Project by Barlin based Japanese Musician Taishi Nagasaka. He mixes and manipulate Music from Middle East,Arab,Africa,Asia,American Hard Rock and German Language CDs(sometimes).

+ tba

Redvers Bailey Songwriter Circle Berlin with special guest Chaz Thorogood

  • Madame Claude,Lübbener Straße 19, 10997 Berlin, Germany
  • 20/5/2014

Chaz Thorogood
On many occasions you hear the words ‘the next big thing’ and ‘one to watch out for’ and listening to Chaz’s songs there can be no doubt that those are words that you can attach to this artist. He has a mesmerising voice which instantly grabs hold of you, his guitar playing sounds as though it is the most natural thing in the world to him. This is an artist whose purpose in life was to create beautiful songs. “A Musical Priority - 2013”.

Redvers Bailey
A darkly humoured wordsmith here inhabits a strange land somewhere between Rufus Wainwright and Elliot Smith. Weaving confessional narratives with playful rhymes and contagious melodies, Redvers Bailey recovered from a debilitating condition that left him mute for over a year. Bit by bit he fought to re-learn how to use his voice and now is finally able to deliver joyful modern folk tunes with composure and the perspective that only a year of silence can bring.

DJ ONONiiONIONIION (DJ-Set/Experimental, African,Asian,Europian Sounds/JP)

R. Stevie Moore (U.S.A.) + Brabrabra (Berlin) /my name is not on this flyer but I will DJ


  • Marie Antoinette,Holzmarkstrasse 15-18,10179 Berlin, Germany
  • 26/5/2014

R. Stevie Moore____NEVER ENDING TOUR 2014


Brabrabra (Berlin)

MULTIVERSAL SPRINT 48 hours of non stop extreme music!

  • as DJ ONONiiONIONIION,Taishi Nagasaka
  • Corpo 6,Herzbergstrasse 55, Berlin, 10365 Berlin, Germany
  • 23/5/2014


EXP # 14

MULTIVERSAL SPRINT 48 hours of non stop extreme music!

»» FRIDAY 23 . MAY . 2014

curated by Fabio Campagna

21:30_ LIVE SETS
Eliad Wagner, Rieko Okuda, Martí Guillem, Oscar Palou, Antti Virtaranta, Brgs Time, Wojtek Baida, Linch Lobachevsky, Daniela Petry, Kriton b, Michelle Yom,James Welburn, Markus Pesonen, Klaas Hübner, Brage Tørmæn, Julia Reidy,Sam Gill, Daniela Marcozzi, Sarah Kuster, Marcello Busato, Pierre, DUCHAMP, Lysandre Coutu-Sauvé, Thiebault IMM, Kevin Angboly, Kakawaka, Taishi Nagasaka, n0b0dy, Junktion, Emilio Gordoa, Utku Tavil, Dario Fariello, Python vs Cobra, Miriam Siebenstaedt, Golden Retriever, Hüzün, Klaas Hübner, Tape Recorder … and many others


TRAM M8 (Herzberg str/Siegfried St.)
from Landsberger Allee station
Ring S42/S41

first FLOOR


EXP PROJECT by CORPO 6 develops a syncretic tension between diverse languages. Live sets and performances interacting within the current exhibition develop a free and alive platform of expression.
EXP taking place within the current exhibition, develops a procedure of synergy and expressive intensification.



Lapo Simeoni

Curated, text by
Fabio Campagna

exhibit_ 2 may 2014 > 30 may 2014
tuesday > friday _ h 16:00 > h 19:00
by appointment: + 49 (0) 174 659 8464
facebook: CORPO 6

“The Illusion of the perfect century” is a project of paintings and installations by Lapo Simeoni, developed for CORPO 6, that activates a deconstruction of the iconic apparatus of the contemporaneity – using images taken by various media of mass communication -. In order to depict the dynamic of the actual social scenario.

Lapo Simeoni, through an alchemic process of transmutation, defines, in this way, a new syntactic interrelation between the selected iconic “objects”. Producing a reappropriation. A rewriting. Defining a lucid vision.
What emerges is a “fresco” of the social conflicts. The friction within the “social body”. The vivid contradictions.
The themes, taken under observation, include the problematic of borders. Assumed as symbolic figure of research and discussion. The limen between individuals, classes and politic configurations. A new scene is therefore represented without mystifications. A vivid, and cruel snapshot of the nowaday reality.

A formal tract, that unifies the painting and installative practice of “The Illusion of the perfect century”, is the orange flu painting. A visual attractor that reinforces the process of individuation.

A new perspective rushes to the surface of the communal acceptance of the facts.

Defining the obscene and peremptory illusion of the perfect century.

Fabio Campagna
Berlin, 2014

Born in Orbetello, Grosseto in 1979. Studied at theSaint Martins school in London, where he completedthe Foundation Course in Art and Design in 2002. From the outset he has worked in a broad range of expressive media, from mural painting to photography

and the creation of painting-installations, a hallmark of his work. He also shows a profound sensitività to the use of different materials, including steel, plexiglas and recycled materials, alongside light installations. Simeoni describes the basic themes of his artistic research as follows: the effects of globalized consumerism, symbols and stereotypes of Italian history.

In 2008 he won the international MOVIN’ UP project, organized by the GAI organization, holding his first double personal exhibition in Beijing (China), curated by Filippo Salviati. In 2009 he organized and participated in the exhibition 7 ITALIAN VISION in Basel during Art|40|Basel (Swiss). In 2010 he held his first personal exhibition in Rome, “Mind the Gap” curated by Francesca Franco at the Altri Lavori in Corso gallery.

In 2011 participated in the exhibition ARS APOCALIPSIS - KUNST UND KOLLAPS KUNSTVEREIN KREIS GUTERSLOH, (Germany), curated Malte & Henning Boecker, whit international and historical artist like Gherard Richter and Albrecht Dürer.

“The work of art is a place of identity” F. Mauri
CORPO 6 GALERIE is an art project by Fabio Campagna.

CORPO 6 GALERIE focuses, through a series of crossing media and site specific international artists projects, on the examination of functioning of identity topics within the articulation of the city. Taken as a symbolical, political, cultural and sociological reference. An alive body of living contents.

CORPO 6 GALERIE runs a series of performative projects where the music element plays its role in relation to the!
dynamic of the space and to the open physicality of the body.

CORPO 6 GALERIE is a space of music research and design production.

CORPO 6 GALERIE, a 86 square meters space, is located in HB55 Räume der Kunst, Herzbergstrasse 55, Lichtenberg, Berlin.


_ You can also read our CORPO 6 Journal - may 2012 / august 2013 -
with all the Exhibitions and the Projects at CORPO 6 between may 2012 / august 2013, here:

_ F R A G M E N T S # 0 a periodical visual web magazine by CORPO 6:
9 SCANS - TRACING DIONYSUS by Fabio Campagna
You can see it and download it, here:

CORPO 6 RECORDINGS_ listen here:


CORPO 6 GALERIE contact:
+49 (0) 174 659 8464

vol. 26 Have fun with the Sun with Anatorian Rock sometimes not

Hello, Listeners.
My almost spontaneous regular Radio show is happening today. hehe

Today, I will play lots of Turkish Staffs from 70’s mainly. 

have fun.xx


Cozmik Onion lunch Radio show
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I host a radio show as a part of RadioOn (

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context :DJing for lunch time and sometimes invite Musicians,Artists and talk about about Music,Art,Cooking
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The Melting Vegitable Spots vol.2 ,Butoh Special with Mushimaru Fujieda and The Physical Poet (JP) + Michiyasu Furutani&Han Sato(JP) + Experimental Dance Musics from the World DJs

  • 2/5/2014
  • at the Zone , Reuterstraße 95, 12053 Neukoelln Berlin, Germany

Cozmik Onion Projects proudly Presents
the Melting Vegitable Spot
Mixed Music & Perfromance from Different Era & Traditions and Dance and wash the brains together afterward with music of modern tradition in Experiment.

vol.2 : Butoh Dance Special (Japanese Under Ground Dance) + DJs
Mushimaru Fujieda and The Physical Poets
Michiyasu Furutani (wide scope experimental) and his friend

«天然肉体詩人 藤條虫丸/ Natural Physical Poet Mushimaru Fujieda “Mushimaru Fujieda & The Physical Poets”(JP)»
The composite art group that first appeared in 2002. Migrating internal egos and external non egos, rambling at one time or another, coming and going like the wind amongst the audience and in the space as such, the Physical Poets are moving audience’s something inside. Based on the oriental embodiment, the members including Japanese and Koreans live inside and outside Japan and assemble at each performance. This is the amalgamation of traditional dances existing in present Japan, body manipulation utilizing breath control in the traditional culture and the “BUTOH DANCE” that is one of Japanese contemporary dances well-known worldwide. The world of expression borne by the fundamental vital power— innate to the body and spirit as substantiation of ego— weaves the fruitful Natural Poetry as becoming of KOTODAMA, the spiritual power of language without interposition of words (logos). Physical Poets, actively performing in Japan, Korea, Germany, Estonia and other places in Europe, accompanied with profound live music of ethnic instruments, acquire supports from great number of audience across the borders of countries.

Directer/dancer:Mushimaru Fujieda
Dancer:Himeko Narumi,Rie Tahichi,Go Yoshinaga Musician:Kosei Yamamoto(sax,flute) ,Hiroyuki Mutsuhisa(Indian Guiter)

photos by 下川俊幸

«Michiyasu Furutani & Han Sato(JP)»(world scope experimental/Shibusa-shirazu Orchestra/JP)
Michiyasu aka Furu was Born in Osaka, JAPAN.After the graduation from NIHON University, college of art. As a Butoh dancer ,he has collaborated with several artist such as Daizuko Farm (organized by Hoshino Kenichiro),SAL VANILLA (Hizume giga and KIK07),YAN-SHU (Tsuruyama “zulu” Kinya), SHIBUSA SHIRAZU Orchestra (Fuwa Daisuke). With these projects, has performed all over Europe,North/Sounth africa,and Asia.

Han Sato Born in Tokyo. Start a playing Saxophone at age 13. Formed own band which hung with own self name called “Tokyo Han’s” Has collaborated, created powerful sound with various artists and works in major, underground streamed music scene. Recently works with Shibusa-shirazu Orchestra.

DJs between/after the performance the DJs will play world Disco,mordarn/classic Traditional dance music from Arab,Asisa,Middle East etc a few of american hard rock.

vol. 25 We are interviewing each other w/ Ritagli Regina (Berlin Samba)


hello, listeners
Its vol 25 now. Today my friend will interview me for her new project called ,Berlin Samba.
So she will interview me and I will interview back to her on the radio, wow, it will be complicated!! hehe
The project is about your relationship between you (its me this time) and the city and is trying to explore Berlin throw different points of view.But… it is thru me?? I hope its fine!!

<Berlin Samba>



Everything started with love.

Three years here.

I wanted to wait to say something about you.

No easy enthusiasm.

Now what i tell you is true and lived.



Magic staff.





Good energies.

Bad energies.

Now i’m ready to dance with you.

My only true love.


Berlin samba.


Cozmik Onion lunch Radio show
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vol.24 Uncle Barış Manço

Hello, listeners! How are you doing?
April is my month, my birthday is 14th, I dont mind your saving money to buy a washing machine for me as I wanna wash my cloth with the machine.

Today, finally the time has come (just decided it now) MANÇO MANÇO MANÇO MANÇO!!!!!
Everybody loves him, he was the superstar in Turkey , something happened in 1999.
Its starting in 30min!! check it out!
——again from a part of Wiki,find and read it by yourself——
Mehmet Barış Manço was a Turkish rock singer, composer, and television producer.He composed about 200 songs, some of which were translated into a variety of languages including English, French, Japanese, Greek, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Persian, Urdu, and Arabic.He remains one of the most popular public figures of Turkey.


Cozmik Onion lunch Radio show
time : EVERY TUESDAY from 13:00-14:00/DE,12:00-13:00/UK,

I host a radio show as a part of RadioOn (

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context :DJing for lunch time and sometimes invite Musicians,Artists and talk about about Music,Art,Cooking
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Japanese Musician/Performer "ONIONIONIONION"'s Band/Solo/DJ/Collaborations/Past Works

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